Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

the ABC's of me

eLLo! I got this idea from the girls a Life of a PINC Here we go!

Addictions: Reading
Bed size: twin
Chore you hate: cleaning the kitchen 
Dogs or cats: Dogies , they're so cute!
Essential start of your day: eat breakfast 
Favorite color: yellow
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 18 inches hello I'm a AG Doll xD
Instruments you play (or have played): the microphone LOL
Jobs titles you've had: none
Keep-sake: My ag doll.
Live: Southern Louisiana  
Mom’s name: Samantha
Nickname: caro
Overnight hospital stays:  none
Pet peeve: crazy hair.
Quote from a movie:  

Right or left handed: right handed
Siblings: 5 sisters
Time you wake up: Summer:8:30 School: 6:00
Uncertainty: ...
Vegetables you dislike:  eggplant.
What makes you run late: Not waking up 
X-rays you’ve had done:  None (Hehehe)
Yummy food you make:  Cobblers
Zoo animal: white tigers and the  hedgehogs that are at the petting  zoo 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Here are some pictures of me!

*Warning Lots of Pictures of Me;)* 

(My outfit is from the Etsy Shop,ElegantBasics)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I L-O-V-E To bake! So i'll give you a sneek peek into what its like to bake with me, Caroline!

Always I put my Baking apron to protect my clothes

Lets Get Started

Dadada Da De da hm hmm humm de dum 

Isn't my bowl cute???

And the finished product, I had 8 but my sisters ate the rest!


Post Details:
Baking set and Apron, Walmart
 Outfit Hobby Lobby
Doll, Me Caroline, Of Course!
Table Thick poster board set on AG boxes

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Love to read, Don't you? Magazines, Books, Catalogs, Novels, Everything!
So, yesterday I decided to read the latest American Girl Magazine outside!

Oh Where, Oh Were, should I read my Magazine...  Hey, that looks good right over there.

Now this is much better!

Say Cheese! 

With My doll,


Magazine ,

and Quilt, Where could I go wrong?

Lets get some reading done Marie Grace!

Hmm What type of friend am I?

Hope You enjoyed my first post!


P.S. Here are some post details:
Quilt:Made by Samantha
Dress:Made by Samantha
Purse&top: Caroline's accessories
Doll: Caroline
Hat: Decorated by Samantha But bought plain from Hobby Lobby
Magazine: AG